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Al and Alan Green (Father/Son Team)


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Al and Alan Green (Father/Son Team)

Al grew up in Sanford Florida a block away from lake Monroe. He spent a lot of his childhood at his grandparents camp on the St. John’s river where he started fishing at a very young age. Him and his family have always enjoyed camping in Welaka, Florida and all the great crappie fishing in the area. They liked it so much they bought a home there in 2013. Al enjoys all types of fishing, spear fishing, and lobstering but spends most of his time on the lakes of north central Florida crappie fishing with his son Alan.

Alan is 17 years old and our youth fishermen. He has been fishing ever sense he could hold a pole. He grew up in Florida and enjoys all types of fishing but has a passion for crappie fishing. He is a member of Florida Crappie Club and has placed in the majority of the Northern Division Tournaments and has been fishing in tournaments since he was 15 years old!

Al and Alan continuously placing in the Florida Crappie Club in the top 10!